Nikolas Tobias P. Banzuela

Secretary General

Nikolas Banzuela is an avid MUNer hailing from the Philippines. He is a strongly devoted person whose dream has not changed ever since the start of his MUN career, which is to become a household name in MUN in his country. In order to achieve his dream, he gathered his team of fellow MUN enthusiasts that he met along his journey across Asia to assist him in realizing the Southeastern United Nexus MUN.

Asides from MUN, he is also a huge fan of Harry Potter, Avatar: the Last Airbender (original edition), and aesthetic cuisine. He is very vocal about his interests, so you won’t need to feel estranged while being with him, because he will always tell you the truth you need to know.

He wishes to share his ideology not only with his fellow Secretariat members but also with all delegates of SUN-MUN. Thus, he warmly welcomes all of you and looks forward to meeting you in December!

Vaidehi Meharia

Deputy Secretary General

Our Deputy Secretary-General, Vaidehi Meharia is a seemingly serious person on the surface at first glance. Although that would be true, she is deeply humble and sweet unbeknownst to those who only catch a glance at her. Her keenness is the one which ensures that all matters are organized and her comical wit is the one ensuring the hospitality of the conference. She is so considerate that you won’t even feel the hesitation to ask for her assistance in clearing any doubts.

With experience of more than 30 Model UN Conferences as a delegate and as a Dais member, she is one of the more seasoned Secretariat members of the SUN-MUN Team. At the moment she is diligently pursuing her study in Politics at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, India while at the same time managing multiple agendas of her own. Thus, you can always expect an organized session when she’s around.

She also enjoys music and singing. Even though she won’t be biased at you albeit your excellence in music, you can always hit her up for a duet with her trusty guitar.