United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Aaron Aquino

Head Chairperson

Aaron Aquino is the embodiment of seriousness and amusement in a person. As an academic person, he had excellently brought honors with his great deal of achievements, but that doesn’t make him less humble. With multiple awards in several Model UN Conferences and numerous stints as a dais member for international conferences, Aaron is one of the most seasoned staff members of this conference. Not only is he warmly welcoming, but his organized demeanor will ensure everything to be in order. So you need not to worry when you have him as your Board of DAIS.


Despite hailing from an Engineering background, Aaron firmly believes MUN is a platform for broad interests. Thus, you can expect that he would love any open-minded discussion.


Out of 10 people surveyed, you will hear 9 of them referring his presence to be similar to Baymax of Big Hero, because he will be the hero to keep a council substantial and entertaining simultaneously. Last but not least he welcomes you by saying “I am Aaron, your personal SUN MUN assistant.”

Srividya Subramanian


Srividya, hailing from India, can be considered the chameleon of SUN MUN among other Board of DAIS. Not only is she excellent in adapting with situational urgencies, she is also a people-person who can magnificently fit in with any situation. An engineering student at a very young age, Srividya is one of the most adjusting Chairpersons you will find on the entire SUN MUN Staff. She had had many personal experiences chairing with the other Board of Secretariat members in the past, from the inside-out strict Secretary General Nikolas Banzuela to the moderately-adjustably-strict Deputy Secretary General Vaidehi Meharia.


In addition to displaying a rather calm demeanor, she is a playful person at heart. So you can rest assured that when you get her as your Chair, she will calmly guide you through the conference with a tablespoon of modesty and one cup of delight.


So be careful because she could be more addictive than the topic of the council you are about to discuss. See you at the end of the year!

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Maria Vanesa

Head Chairperson

Maria Vanesa is a happily-struggling final year student concentrating on Diplomatic and Foreign Policy Studies at President University. She has chaired conferences in both Indonesian and International Conferences and a regular member of dais at International Model UN. At the moment, she is enjoying her job as a teacher at a national secondary school in Indonesia.


She greatly encourages not only established delegates, but first-timers as well to take part in this scholastic endeavor. She appreciates delegates who are active in the council pertaining to their respective stance and particularly show eager interest in engaging in the debate, for both newcomers and established delegates.


She also prefers tea to coffee. So it will be more likely to find her chilling at a tea parlor than at a coffee shop. But that doesn’t mean if you treat her to a cup of tea, she’ll play favorite on you.

And last but not least, she is looking forward to seeing you online!

Aryan Singh


Aryan Singh seems like a typical serious IT student at your first glance. He served as the President of the Student Body and couldn’t take a joke lightly. However, when you know more about him, he will reveal his hidden charm. He has honestly confessed that his joke digestion is a bit slow which leads him to taking the joke rather lightly. He has proven so many times of being excellent in adapting with many random people and situations. He has an experience of 15 Model UN Conferences as both a delegate and as a member of dais. Thus, he will be a perfect Board of Dais to balance the seriousness and comedic presence in a council.


Despite claiming to have the hobby of collecting red marks, he is also an aspiring youth who loves engaging in both academic and non-academic matters, mostly done out of his sense of patriotism.


Lastly he would seriously wish for your substantial debate along with your humorous wits in the council.

Joint Crisis Committee

Anupa Pauchaudhuri

Crisis Director

Anupa may seem serious, but she is one of the most easy going people you will possibly come across. She is someone who has got the gift of the gab and the sass to leave you speechless with her intellect. Having been gifted the Award for  Outstanding Talent in Public Speaking by one of the leading dailies of her hometown, Anupa is the one who will make sure that you leave this conference with the memories of one of the best Crisis Committees you have attended. 

Having organised and chaired at one of the largest Model UN Conferences of Eastern India, she is the brains behind most of what you will experience in the two cabinets being simulated at SUN MUN 2020. 

With a heart for happy endings and mind for creating troubling situations for the delegates in committee, we can asure you that you are going to be kept on your toes for the entire duration of the conference! 

JCC - East Turkistan Liberation Alliance

Ramsha Hashmi

Head Chairperson

Ramsha Hashmi is a seasoned orator having attended a multitude of  debates, Model UN conferences and other public speaking events across the length and breadth of the country. As a speaker or as a delegate, she exhibits a perfect concoction of thorough research, eloquence, well-structured arguments, adherence to policy and diplomacy, detailed paperwork and special brownie points for her witty refutations.


Her zeal and dedication has seen her win accolades in national debates and national MUN conferences and decorated with multiple leaderhsip posts. Her exemplary achievements in public speaking have also been recognized by The Telegraph School Awards.


In addition to public speaking, she's involved in a myriad of other activities like writing for renowned publications, playing various instruments, sketching, learning new languages, reading about global geopolitics and of course, binging horror shows and movies. Her sense of humour and forthcoming demeanour will make committee anything but monotonous.

Nidhi Bhatia


Nidhi Bhatia is an opinionated debater and MUNer from India. She is currently in her final year of college pursuing political science. Her interest in international politics has led her to the path of intensive research and analysis of patterns, concepts and events in world history and geo- politics. Nidhi is an intersectional feminist and has been a vocal advocate of Queer
rights. As a classically trained vocalist she spends a lot of time digging up unheard tunes to sooth her moods.


Academics aside, Nidhi is a Marvel nerd, ready to debate and theorise films and shows as enthusiastically as religion and politics. She also has a soft spot for handmade jewellery, cute stationery and desserts.

Her aim is to be able to interact with the global community and looks forward to meeting keen, sharp minds in SUN MUN this December.

JCC - The Chinese Politburo

Arsalan Farooq

Head Chairperson

Arsalan Farooq is a nomadic gentleman hailing from India, moving here and forth between New Delhi, Bangalore, and Kashmir. At this moment he’s pursuing the study of International Business. He enjoys a wide range of activities, from academic to non-academic endeavors and from offline to online conferences. He is a rising member of Dais at International MUN and has chaired 7 editions of the same. 


His strongest peeve is to find plagiarism in a committee because he adores originality of one’s ideas, which makes him always eager to learn new things. He also collects uncommon things such as scrunchies, compliments, and perhaps exes. And, in this conference he excitedly looks forward to collecting your brilliant debates.


Additionally, he’s a fan of gossip. But if you gossip about him or hit him up before the conference, he won’t give you any extra marks on your assessment. At the end, all he has to say to you is; “Fine! I’ll see you in December”

Manveer Singh


Manveer Singh is a young aspiring MUNer with a flair for situational jokes. Not only has he participated in a lot of online MUNs, but he has also chaired many, including the one coming in December. Having bagged Best Delegates awards at international conferences, you would be surprised to know that he is the youngest staff member in this conference. Being a final-year high school student, he is more ambitious than ever in any academic endeavors he has participated in. So you might want to beware of his solemnly-deceiving facial expression, for he is a tiger waiting to be triggered to awaken should your debate become stale.

Asides from MUN, Manveer has actively participated in his school’s academic endeavors, and has proven to snatch an award at a Regional Science Quiz along with securing adequate marks on his IELTS (he will).


Many of his friends see his existence as a two-side-coin. You can be annoyed by him but always simultaneously be entertained by his sense of humor and wit.