Mariella Therese Pantoni

USG for Delegate Affairs

Mariella is a political science student from the Philippines. She is an active advocate for sustainable living and body positivity, she also devotes her time to trying different things such as MUN's, debates, youth summits, and volunteering. She believes that as a part of the youth, we should strive hard to change what is wrong and it’s our role to do something whether it’s big or small. Her dream is to be a lawyer and she's currently taking her pre-law course as a first-year student of Political Science. Although, she doesn't have that much experience in MUN's she vowed to do her best in making the first SUN-MUN 2020 a success. Aside from that, she loves to listen and sing songs as a hobby and is a big fan of the Korean boy group BIGBANG. She loves to drink iced coffee, going to the beach, and socializing with people. Her motto in life is "Chase your dreams, and conquer the world."

Mariella wishes to share her beliefs and dedication not only to the Secretariat members but also to all of the aspiring delegates of the SUN-MUN. With a warm heart and a big smile, she welcomes all of you and is looking forward with excitement to meeting you in December.

Natasha Cua

USG for Academics

Natasha Cua is a MUNer from the Philippines with 2 years of delegate experience.

She is diligent and determined in achieving her goal in Model UN which is to improve holistically with every experience until she, someday, becomes adept enough to earn the Best Delegate Award.
She joined Southeastern United Nexus MUN, which was formed by her mentor, Nikolas Banzuela.
When not participating in MUNs or completing academic requirements, she reads manga and webcomics and draws for her small art page, Shiroisane-chan.

Though introverted and not as interpersonally-inclined, she tries her best to be a kind and empathetic friend towards the people around them. She welcomes everyone with open arms and awaits meeting you this December!​

Simran Sachdeva

USG for Creatives

Simran Sachdeva is our in-house budding graphic designer from India. Currently, in her third year of college, she is a student of Sociology. Besides being a feminist, she is also passionate about art and design.

Apart from academics, Simran also has a keen interest in music, dance and doodling. She loves cooking and is a complete foodie. She is just as enthusiastic about travelling as she is about binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Although this is her first tryst with MUNs, she is optimistic, vivacious and all set to explore this new realm with SUN-MUN 2020. Come, join her and our team this December, for this charitable endeavour. We look forward to meeting you!

Luis Oberio III

USG for Finance

Luis Oberio III is a Civil Engineering student from the Philippines. Despite joining MUNs has nothing to do with engineering, he still wants to join and organize such events. As one of the organizers of Southeastern United Nexus Model United Nations, this is his first time to be part of organizing an international event. Aside from these, he loves to binge-watch Korean TV series and Philippine documentaries. He is a person who always talks about his thoughts in reality, and he is willing to help you in any way he could. As USG for Finance, he aims to help the whole Secretariat in managing the budget for this event. Thus, he assures everyone, including the delegates, that all proceeds for this event will be put on a good cause. Lastly, he wishes the best of luck to all the delegates and thanking everyone for their utmost support in taking part in the first-ever SUN-MUN.

Anmol Puri

USG for Technology

Anmol Puri, currently residing in India is a profound member of the Indian MUN circuit. An alma matter of Delhi Public School, Greater Noida, he is a hardworking person who within the span of less than a year, has chaired as well as participated in various Model UN conferences on the regional as well as on the international level. He takes immense pleasure in joining the secretariat of Southeastern United Nexus MUN as Under-Secretary-General for Technology.

In his personal life, he is also a huge fan of the shows SUITS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and is a gym enthusiast, and is a budding graphic designer as well. He is a strong devout of John Lennon and his beliefs of World Peace and harmony. He wishes luck to all the delegates and would like to quote one of his idols, Harvey Specter “Don’t play the odds, play the man”!

Francine Ty

USG for Marketing

Francine Ty is a MUNer from the Philippines that started her MUN career in early 2019 and has loved it ever since. Despite being very introverted, she is very talkative, so don't be afraid to talk to her! She's a self-proclaimed weeb and history buff and she can't stop playing Genshin Impact. She also enjoys spending her time debating with friends over every topic under the sun, and so looks forward to meeting everyone for fruitful and thoughtful discussion this December!