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Igniting Change: Enhancing Protection in an Increasingly Connected World

With the international community gradually shifting to more cooperation and globalisation among states, new issues have arisen that have challenged countries to maintain their borders and self-interests. As nations begin to share more ideas and increase collaboration on security matters, there is a pressing need to ensure their own national integrity and sovereignty amidst the continuously changing world order. In this contextt, there exist several long-standing regional issues that have been left unaddressed and is beginning to affect neighbouring nations and continents.


With this in mind, Southeastern United Nexus Model United Nations calls upon delegates to think beyond borders and emphasise on the need for, critical policy-shifts to maintain peace in the unstable world order. We encourage delegates to broaden their understanding of international relations by engaging in intensive debates as they navigate through the nuances of diplomacy in a rapidly changing world.




National Children’s Hospital is a non-profit tertiary government hospital and pediatric training center founded in 1945 located in New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. They are the only specialty (pediatric) hospital in the Philippines that caters to the health needs of patients within the age bracket of 0-19 years, that were exposed and/or infected with the COVID-19 virus. Their COVID ward currently has a maximum patient capacity of 40, with 8 doctors and 10 nurses per 8-hour shift. 

covid ward.jpeg
covid ward with frontliner.jpeg

90% of the COVID patients in National Children’s Hospital are indigent patients who are financially incapable of purchasing any of their medicine and vitamins. Their doctors and nurses are overworked and thus are immunocompromised. 

Southern United Nexus Model United Nation intends to use all proceeds to purchase ascorbic acid and zinc for the patients and staff of the COVID ward of National Children’s Hospital. By participating in our confidence, not only will you be learning skills necessary to be a future leader but you will also be donating to a noble cause.

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